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14:05 Waking from an awful nightmare …

At least, this time, I did not have to "watch" as I was killed horrifically, unable to wake up. Instead I merely had to "watch" as these things happened to others. Once the dream progressed to a point where the victim might be me and at the hands of someone that I love, I seem to have been able to wake up. I hate, however, how these dreams leave me feeling off-kilter and still so tired. I dread going back to sleep because, in the past with dreams like this, I have merely re-entered the same dream at roughly the point I woke up. There is also A feeling that I am not really awake but merely dreaming now whereas the dream is the new reality.
These types of dreams often happen when I am more unwell than usual and/or I am experiencing a chunk of stress or anxiety in my waking life. Double-ticked-ticky-boxes. Yeah.
Anyway, I have woken up with very painful head, sinuses, teeth, joints and muscles as well as coughing and sneezing. At least I was able to hand-write enough notes towards a possible blog post that I managed to switch off enough to sleep at all.
Ugh. TL;DR illness and anxiety give me video-nasty nightmares and I have a cold/flu.

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