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What do I mean when I say 'weather-head'?

At this time of year I often have headaches that are almost-migraines1 and that I call 'weather-heads'. They feel like my brain is being compressed within my skull and are often accompanied by stabbing pains around my eyes, forehead and/or temples (that I lighten by saying an invisible bloke is sticking trans-dimensional (i.e. non-straight) skewers through my head/eyes). You might see me writing that I just wish it would rain because, although the symptoms might sometimes worsen with rain, they will often clear then or soon after. It is a bit like a break in the weather causing the tension in my skull to break as well.

So, as this weather-head draws into its nth day (I have lost count, to be honest), I just wish that the weather would break. Please?

1 I don't think that I can describe where this boundary lies, for me. I know when I have a migraine (and usually have to take painkillers and hide under a duvet - sleep often helps if I can get to sleep). I suppose that it is somewhere in my ability to function. With a weather-head I am able to do some things that I am unable to do with a migraine. I expect that my weather-heads are clinically migraines as well but, because they do not preclude me functioning to some level, I have devised another name for them. I used to just call them migraines but then I used to just stay in bed for days on end and now I would rather function at some level, even if that is only knitting or playing WoW.
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